Monday, April 9, 2007

Will Rogers Institute PSA

Writer, Co-Director, Motion Graphics, Editor

In my Production II class (Spring 2007), we were awarded the opportunity to produce a PSA on Teen Asthma for the Will Rogers Institute. I Wrote and Co-Directed the PSA. As Writer, I worked on the script and created the storyboards - as well as concept sketches. In Post-Production, I edited the piece, sound mixed, designed and animated the motion graphics.

Here is the animated version of the original storyboard.

This is the concept sketch of the Super-Villain, "Asthma Man"... and how he looked in real life.

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Here are some stills from the final version of the PSA.

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The PSA has been televised throughout the country.

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Dani said...

What a beautiful spring day!

Great animated version and picture B!